Well hey everyone long time no chat... we been up to some great things we have a pre demo done with me an brittany... Im not gonna give to much info because we have a new mwmber so the song has to be rercorded. But the first rough draft sounds pretty good lol... um me personally went to audition for my schools play THE WIZ an i got a lead role{ tin man} so im excited about that... um also i have alot going on in my life an it has gotten to much for me but the group an the dream is keeping me together i just have to stop stressin... anywho callin in to the say now to hear more updates also to meet our new member wellz love ya'll ttyl
star treatmet 01/24/2010
wow hey guys so i wrote a letter to a real fan today and it felt amazing. so i am like we have to do this. we have one real fan someone who dont know us. its sad to say but it is wat it is. omj i cant wait til more start to come lol idk how were gonna handle it. so now i think this is the drive we need to make things happen. so were starting out small but dreaming big......i mean whos to say wats next for us. all i know is my goal is to have our demo out by march thats my wish. well i want this feeling to last. anywho -ttyl-
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! so so sorry its been forever since my last post. well not much has happened. we are in a year so some changes has been mad. instead of a 4some group now were going duo. so yes instead of all elements we are only 2 and honestly thats all we need. so we have a game plan. our fisrt demo should be released some time in march but the first to hear it will be you guys. it will be posted up here. im so exicted finally things music wise are falling into place. well i will write back as soon as i can. im gonna post a new message on the say now listen in and leave messages
love you guys you been amazing
hey everyone its mattie i am so sorry its been so long since i last blogged......alot is going on in our lives and we need to regroup. i hope yal been keeping up wit our saynow. im goin to update it today and remind everyone to go and see the web site. so were hopefuly goin to compet in a talent show.....4 to be correct. wish us luck and hope that we go through with it. any who how are you guys?????? write us back and let us know wats going on with you all
new mattie 08/17/2009
so lately i been really in group stuff i had a mini contest with local kids on who could draw the best chosen onez poster. that was a blast....um im changing my name back to matt instead of mattie because it sounds better and it will let everyone know i am a boy because lets face it my voice is so not manly so my name has to be lol
SADLY TIRHON has left the group but thats okay he really wasnt apart of it anyway. so im way happy cuz now our stand still is over and the work can begin so call the say now and comment the blogs and remember with out you guys we wouldnt be doing anything you guys rock ttyl -mattie-
sorry its been so long (its matie btw) the group has been at a huge stand still but dont worry im back on top of things.........so today im gonna put a new page up and set up the auditions yayh... okay ttyl luv yal

okay its mattie and i really feel that this group can go far if pp jus buckel down and get to it i mean really ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lolz

LOOKING FOR AIR 07/23/2009

a chosen one has fallen and will be missed. but the show must go on(btw: they didnt pass away they just left for personal reasons) so if you can sing and is intrested lets us know. write us and we will reply and soon there will be a page all about the auditions.


so things arent going as planned but i still have hope........maybe we need to make some changes.